I’ve been very happy with the tech support from Connect. Their support is prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. Uros will often come up with extra ideas and strategies to improve the website’s performance and user experience. It is difficult to run all aspects of an e-commerce store. Connect are experts in this field so it ha

Neo Pilates seeks to offer a world class Pilates experience at our studio located in Thane West. We are a studio with a singular focus on Pilates, providing programmes designed by Australian instructors using the best equipment in the world. We primarily provide Pilates training at our studio using industry-leading equipment. Th

One Pressure Wash utilises the most state of the art vehicles and equipment to remove any stain from anywhere. Unlike many high pressure cleaning companies, the One Pressure Wash don’t require the use of your water source. They arrive prepared with custom built vehicles which carry 2,400 litres of water. This water is delivere

After many years of saying we need more bees for pollination the talk of this new fangled flowhive got Banno thinking, well its time to step up and become a beekeeper. Once the decision was made then the journey began. The Banno’s Bees and Honey was born. Located in Queensland, Australia. First things first was […]

I am in Human Resource consulting and what I want to offer is ideas, thoughts and creative solutions to HR from my 45 years in the business having worked in Australia, Asia, Middle East, Europe and US. They supplied me with knowledge and an excellent working platform to achieve that. I would highly recommend them!

Couldn’t recommend them any more! They were was so patient with me as I have hardly any experience with WordPress and did all things asked and even emailed me what the steps they took were so I needed anything later on I knew what to do! Thank you so much! Will be working with them […]

They exceeded all expectations for designing a landing page inspired by casino. They have gone above and beyond and delivered a fantastic result in a quick time frame. I’m extremely happy after this experience and look forward to working with them again in the near future. 10/10


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